Welcome! You've most likely found this page through social media. I enjoy content creation and the ability to share my opinion (personally and professionally) at scale. I have been able to connect with people who share the same passions as me and give a new perspective to viewers through Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Clubhouse. 

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Recruiting since 2012, I’ve been successfully partnering university students globally and helping them pursue careers in the tech industry.  I like to call myself a career confidant rather than a career coach because I enjoy building trustworthy relationships with my mentees. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the recruiting process, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation to early in career candidates. I also teach techniques to better manage interviewing, projects and job applications. My clients have landed roles at large corporations such as Google, American Express, DocuSign and Goldman Sachs. Below you will find my featured articles and video clips. On the resources page you will find free job resources, book recommendations, free downloadable guides and my blog. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with me then you can send a request through the "Book 1:1" button  below. We can achieve your career goals together!

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Please email me directly for my media kit and pricing. You can also check out my partnerships page where there are examples of content I've created. 

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Receiving my masters from the University of Southern California in Human Behavior sparked my passion around investing in human capital, building a diverse workforce, and social media marketing. I was taught about organizational and consumer psychology and in parallel I was witnessing Facebook and Instagram quickly expanding. What an exciting time! One of my first internships was for a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. My next internship was a human resources internship for a fashion company where I learned about recruiting.  I continued to learn the foundations of business and I realized that a key factor in building a diverse workforce is giving accessibility to career resources to all backgrounds. One way to increase accessibility is through social media. Social media has allowed me to help people and also entertain at no cost to the viewer. 



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Taking Notes
College Friends

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