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As a career confidant and recruiting professional with over a decade of experience, I specialize in helping university students globally land careers in the tech industry. My goal is to introduce clarity and self-motivation to early career candidates and teach techniques for better managing the job search process, including interviewing and project management. I have a strong track record of success, with clients landing roles at top companies like Google, American Express, DocuSign, and Goldman Sachs.


In addition to my professional work, I am also passionate about using social media as a tool for building a diverse workforce and increasing accessibility to career resources for all backgrounds. I have a strong presence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse, where I share my thoughts and experiences as both a marketing and HR professional.


Specializing in organizational psychology along with my internships in digital marketing and HR, sparked my interest in investing in human capital and building diverse teams. If you're interested in working with me to partner on a marketing campaign, don't hesitate to reach out. You can find more information about my services, featured articles and video clips, and free resources on my website


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Taking Notes
College Friends

I speak to the Washington Post about using Tik Tok to land jobs

Live Interview with Bloomberg Quicktake on digital forms of recruiting with Gen-Z

I speak with the Huff Post about the most revealing interview questions 

I speak to Monster Careers on how to land a job out of college!

How to Negotiate Your Software Engineer Job Offer | negotiating salary software engineer
Maya Bello

How to Negotiate Your Software Engineer Job Offer | negotiating salary software engineer

Hello! We discuss useful tips to negotiate your software engineer job offer! This video is mostly for developers in tech, but some of these tips can be useful for people in other industries as well! Contact Gabrielle Woody: Contact Me: INSTAGRAM: SUBSCRIBE to Maya Bello: 1-on-1 Consultation: PODCAST: TIK TOK: TWITTER: EMAIL: As always, if you enjoyed this video make sure to like, comment, and subscribe!  Music: Music by MDMN - Keep It All - Music by MDMN - Dream Crew - Music by MDMN - Sit Down Somewhere - Music by MDMN - Angel with Demons - I want to learn coding, but I don't know where to start? Try Google's Hour of Code: How to learn python programming language for beginners? Below are resources on how to learn python and free resources to learn how to code! Python is a great language to learn for beginners and a great language to learn coding concepts so if you don't know where to start choose Python. These resources will help you learn Python easily and fast, however be kind to yourself because learning to code is a process!  Free Resources To Learn Python in 2020: Runestone Academy: Enki: Code Signal: Corey Scafer: Socratica: learn python for free: Python Tutorial from the official Python docs: Python Code Along (PYTHON CODE ALONG | python tutorial for absolute beginners (learn to code in python) Microsoft's Intro To Python Course: free resources to learn python, python free resources: learn python Software Engineering Playlists and Videos: Day In The Life Of a Software Engineer Playlist: Salary as a Software Engineering Intern (software engineers salary): First day of work as a software engineer: My most underrated but favorite video: Creating a Web Application from Scratch (with Sturdy Code): Software Engineering Trips and Conferences (AfroTech, Grace Hopper): Cracking The Coding Interview One Month Challenge: SHOULD YOU GIVE UP ON PROGRAMMING IF YOU FIND IT HARD??: Majoring in Computer Science: Day in the life of Black Women Engineers Playlist (Senegoddess, The Come Up): How To Think Like a Programmer: What languages do I code in at work? JavaScript and Java What is my favorite programming language? Python how to negotiate your first job offer software engineer How to Negotiate Your Software Engineer Job Offer how to negotiate salary software engineer salary negotiation How To Negotiate Salary After A Job Offer Salary Negotiation Tips for Developers salary negotiation how to negotiate salary raise I got a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. From day in the life of a software engineer to coding tutorials/how-to's follow my life as I navigate the tech industry, and hopefully along the way, inspire others to learn to code! If you ever had questions about what is software engineering, or how to become an engineer, then you are in the right place! Anyone can learn to code and we can have fun while we do it :) Free Tech Books: Videos on my software engineer job, my favorite software engineering courses, and how to become a software engineer coming soon! ✿♥✿░H░A░P░P░Y░░░C░O░D░I░N░G░✿♥✿ - Maya Bello
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