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Helpful resources to prep you for interviews and make your job application stronger!

LinkedIn Profile Checklist 

Harvard's Resume Templates 

Check If Your Resume Is ATS Friendly

The Muse Behavioral Interview Guide 

The Muse's How To Ace 7 Different Types of Interviews 

Free Courses On EDX for Skill Building

Job Boards



Remote Ok


Book Recommendations 

Interview Prep Books

Top rated books to prepare for behavioral interviews, case studies, and technical interviews. 

Self Help & Leadership Books

Top rated books to accelerate your best self, motivate to lead, and bring financial wealth.


Download Below

Networking For Beginners Guide

Start building your professional network by implementing a few easy steps.

10 Steps To Get Started On Social Media 

Are you interested in starting a social media account? Here are 10 quick steps that helped me get started. 


5 Steps To Apply For Jobs

Check off these five steps to have a successful job application process.

STAR Interview Guide

Here is the STAR framework to follow for your behavioral interview.

Behavioral Interview Workbook

Practice behavioral questions for conflict, leadership, failure, feedback, and accomplishments.

Interview Prep Guide

Tips to prep for your interview day.

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