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5 Common Mistakes Made During A Job Interview

As a recruiter I've been able to interview and debrief interviewers to make a hiring decision. Try to avoid these five mistakes made during a job interview.

Mistake #1: Not being on time to the interview

Showing up late to an interview leaves a bad impression to the interviewer. The interviewer has taken time out of their busy work day to speak to you. If you are late then the interviewer assumes that you do not value their time. It's also perceived that if you are late to the interviewer then if you were on the job you won't be on time to work. Plan your interview day wisely and allow yourself enough time to arrive to the interview on time.

Mistake #2: Not doing research before the interview

There are a few areas you should research before your interview. First and foremost you should understand the company, their product/service, mission, and values. If you don't have any background on the company then that is an automatic red flag to the interviewers. Another area candidates fail to research is who they are interviewing with. You should understand the interviewers role and background to build rapport with them.

Mistake #3: Not having any questions for the interviewers

If you have do not have any questions for the interviewers then the interviewers will assume you are not that interested in the opportunity. You should also leverage this opportunity to see if the company is a fit for you. Interviews are a two way street. Interviewers are asking you questions to see if you are a fit for the company and role. By asking interviewers questions you may realize that the opportunity is not right for you. It's best to have at least 2-3 questions for EACH interviewer. There are a variety of questions you can ask around the role, company, interviewer, training, and development. Lastly, having unique questions for the interviewers is a selling point. Interviewers can see if you've done your research, your thought process, and how interested you are in the company.

Mistake #4: Talking negatively about previous jobs or bosses

Candidates share that they left their previous role due to a toxic work environment or boss. Interviewers do not want to hear this and this is seen as unprofessional. The interviewer wants to hear about your personal growth and development. Talking poorly about a previous employer makes the interviewer wonder if you would talk poorly about the company after you part ways. Focus on positive opportunities and how the company you are interviewing with can support your goals.

Mistake #5: Not sending a thank you note after the interview

You should always send a thank you note to your interviewers after you interview. If you are interviewing in person a hand written note/card stands out even more! Thanking the interviewers for their time and sharing what resonated with you shows the interviewers how passionate you are about working there. This is a nice touch and leaves a lasting impression with the interviewers before they debrief.

Landing in interview is the last step before landing the job. Practice, come prepared and do your research before the interview. This will also reduce some stress you may feel during the interview. Avoiding the mistakes listed above will help set you apart as a candidate. Good luck!

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