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Five Tips For A Successful Video Interview!

Due to the pandemic, many employers have replaced in-person interviews with video interviewing. You may feel intimidated by interviewing in a virtual setting but have no fear. My top five tips to video interviewing can make the interview feel less intimidating! The goal with these tips is to alleviate any stressors you may feel before and during your interview.

1. Prepare And Practice

The goal of the interview is the same regardless if the interview is in person or virtual. The interviewers are evaluating whether you are a fit for the role and company or not. To prepare, practice in the mirror or on a video chat with a peer or mentor by answering frequently asked interview questions. P.S. there are free interview prep questions on my website if you are unsure of common interview questions. :)

2. Test Your Technology

Before the interview, ensure the virtual platform works properly with your computer. Do not wait until 5 minutes before your interview to set up the video platform (this should be the second or third time you login to the video platform). Many platforms allow you to test the audio and video prior to the scheduled interview. Evaluate the lighting, your background, where your eyes are placed, and if your audio breaks up. Do a run through with a friend and ask them for feedback. On the day of, log on to the video platform 5-10 minutes before the interview. Doing so can give you time to address any technical issues and prevent a delayed interview.

3. Pick A Good Location

There are several factors to consider when setting up a place for the interview. Natural lighting (facing a window with open light) is the most flattering. This also helps prevent shadows. I've found that ring lights also help with brightening your face too. Make sure to have a neutral background if possible. If there is a lot happening in the background (people and/or clutter) it can be very distracting for the interviewer and for yourself. If you are in a spot that doesn't allow you to limit distractions in the background then use a virtual background. Video platforms have virtual backgrounds and an option to blur the background now. If you decide to use a background, make sure that it is professional or make your own. Something that has stood out to me with candidates is a clean background with the candidate's contact information in the corner. If you want to take your background to the next level then include a QR code to your LinkedIn profile!

4. Dress For The Role And Company You Are Interviewing For

When in doubt, always wear business professional to your interview. If you are unsure of what to wear on your interview day then ask the recruiter or your point of contact at the company for recommendations. Even though this is a video interview, I recommend dressing for the role from head to toe. Dressing for the role completely verse just the top up can help boost your confidence. This also will prevent any awkwardness if you have to step away for a second and forget your sweats are on.

5. Master Your Body Language

Although this is virtual, the interviewer can still pick up on nonverbal cues. Make sure to sit up straight and relax your shoulders. When the interviewer is speaking maintain eye contact, smile, and nod when they make a great point. While maintaining eye contact you should look directly into the webcam so the interviewer feels as if you are looking directly at them. When the interviewer speaks you can look back at your screen. Stay engaged during the interview and ask unique questions.

The more you can do before your interview will alleviate unnecessary stressors the day of your interview. All of the tips I've listed should be practiced beforehand. Good luck on your interview!

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